E-levy Mobile Money

E-levy Mobile Money FAQs

1.What is the E-levy?
The Electronic Levy is a tax imposed on select Person-To-Person (P2P) electronic money transfers by the government of Ghana (visit www.gra.gov.gh Electronic Transfer Levy Act, 2022 (Act 1075).
2.What is the rate of the E-levy?
The rate of the levy is 1.5% of the transaction amount e.g.: The e-levy charge on a transfer of GHS200.00 will be GHS3.00)
3. How will the E-Levy be charged?
At the point of transaction initiation, Zeepay will add the Levy to the transfer amount and charge your wallet. The charge will be quoted on the approval prompt before you enter your pin.
4. Will remittance into my Zeepay wallet attract the E-Levy charge?
No, remittance into your Zeepay wallet is free. A charge will only be applied when you transfer funds from your wallet to another wallet or bank account.
5. What types of transactions will be affected by the E-levy?
  • Zeepay to Zeepay wallet transactions after the cumulated GHS100.00
  • Zeepay to third party wallets i.e. MTN, AirtelTigo, Vodafone, GMoney etc…
  • Zeepay to bank accounts
6. What types of transactions will NOT be affected by the E-levy?
  • Daily transfers below GHS100 will not be subject to the e-levy tax
  • Transfer of funds to accounts owned by the same person
  • Transfers for the payment of taxes, fees and charges on the Ghana.gov system or any other Government of Ghana designated platform
  • Payments made to a commercial establishment to a person registered with the GRA for the purposes of income tax or VAT
  • Transfers between principal, agent and master agent accounts
7. Are utility and airtime purchases subject to the E-levy?
No, once the payment is a specialized merchant payment or one made through a government designated system, the transfer amount will not attract the Levy. Payments for services such as Ghana Water, Electricity, Airtime, DSTV etc. are all exempt.
8. Will transactions initiated from my Zeepay wallet also attract the E-Levy Charge?
Yes, Zeepay is a licensed Electronic Money Issuer and is required by law to apply the charge.
9. Does the E-Levy apply to all transfer amounts?
No, your first Person-To-Person (P2P) transfer of up to GHS100.00 for the day is exempt. After the first daily cumulative GHS100.00, all other P2P transfers will attract the E-Levy charge of 1.5%
10. Can I avoid the E-levy?
No, the e-levy is a government tax and will be charged on all applicable transactions.
11. Is the E-Levy charge capped?
No, the 1.5% is standard for all applicable transfers.
12. Is Zeepay responsible for the E-levy?
No, the E-levy is a government-imposed tax on select electronic transfers.
13. Will Cash-In and Cash-Out for Mobile Money attract the E-Levy?
No, both Cash-in and Cash – out at an agent point are not subject to the E-Levy.
14. Will transfers between mobile money agents attract the E-Levy?
No, transfers among principals, master-agents and agents will not attract the E-Levy. As a subscriber at a mobile money agent point, only prevailing transaction charges will apply.
15. How can I enjoy any additional benefits of the E-Levy?
Update your mobile money account information with your Ghana card details to enjoy the GHS100 cumulative exemptions across all networks.