E-levy Remittance

E-levy FAQs – Remittance

1. Will I be charged the E-Levy to receive money from abroad?
No, remittance in to your mobile money wallet is free.
2. Will my sender be charged an additional fee to cover the E-Levy charge?
No, only prevailing money transfer charges will apply.
3. What other Zeepay channels are available to me to receive my foreign remittance?
In addition to receiving money into your mobile money wallet, you can receive money through any of the following channels:
  • Cash Pick Up Token
    - Pick up at the bank or any Zeeagent location
    - Self-redemption into your Zeepay wallet
  • Bank account
  • Visa Direct (Details of these options available here - # )
4. Will my sender need my Ghana card information to complete a transfer to my mobile money account?
No, your sender simply needs your number and the name on the account.

Mobile Money Agents

1. Do I need to physically charge my customers in compliance with the E-Levy?
No, all transfer and E-Levy charges will be applied by the mobile money company.
2. Will my e-value purchases be affected by the E-Levy?
No, Transfers among principals, master-agents and agents will not attract the E-Levy.
3. Will the E-Levy charge affect my commissions?
No, it will not. All existing fees and commissions payments will remain the same.
4. Does the E-Levy affect any of my transactions as a ZeeAgent?
If your account is updated with your Tin information, all transfers initiated by you are exempt.